At Mountains Christian College we follow the curriculum requirements for NSW schools that includes a broad range of subjects. We want our students to be skilled, life-long learners so that they will be able to successfully negotiate our rapidly changing world.

hallmark of our College is that each member of staff tries to prepare lessons to not only deliver content, but also to deliver the content as best they can from a Christian perspective. We encourage and support our students to become critical thinkers, as they explore assumptions and ideas from a Biblical perspective. 

Our students learn to help others and analyse the world around them through our teachers modelling kindness, determination, generosity and compassion.

Being a small school gives us great opportunities to partner with TAFE and distance education programs to offer a variety of elective subjects. This means that all students can pursue their interests.

Graduating as Successful Young Adults

Secondary students also discover more about life beyond the College. Camps and snow treks teach independence and resilience. Overseas travel and visits to art galleries grow our students’ understanding of culture and their place in God’s world. Outdoor activities like rock climbing and abseiling push their boundaries. Supporting charities develops their compassion and kindness for others. 

The result is that students graduate from MCC with a wonderful outlook and a promising start to adulthood.

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