Inspiring our younger children with a love of learning sets them up for a lifetime of discovery and confidence.

Our primary school is one of action and adventure in and out of the classroom. Class activities include working on numeracy and literacy as well as learning about science, history, art and music.

During recess and lunch students have the option to play in our large playground area or visit our extensive library.

Every fortnight on a Tuesday before school begins, we share some food and pray with each other at Breakfast Club.

In Kindergarten to Year 2, your little explorer is embarking on a whole new range of experiences.

We nurture children’s curiosity in a stimulating environment, to ease them into school. Through play and learning, children master skills in literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, communication, personal and spiritual development.

Years 3 to 6, students continue to learn and grow through our varied curriculum. Included in this are day excursions for Years 3 and 4 to feed and encourage their curiosity.

We also take year 5 and 6 students on overnight camps to help them learn to become independent. The feedback is overwhelmingly – they love it!

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