Extension and Enrichment

We have highly qualified teachers that offer specialised programs to support the learning needs of students whose abilities exceed their age group.

Our extension and enrichment program is designed to provide opportunities for high achieving students to extend themselves and deepen their learning at school.

Our aim is to support students that show strength, interest and ability intellectually, socially or physically to help them to achieve their educational potential. If your child is identified as having a strength in a particular area of learning, they will be placed in specific classes or groups in order to fuel their learning and to challenge them.

Students in these programs will have the option to participate in competitions where their areas of strength lie.


Mountains Christian College has a number of Secondary Recess Clubs that run weekly during the school term. We find additional activities add to a more fulfilling education and positively enhance the school lives of our students. 


One of our most popular clubs. Chess Club runs during recess and sometimes over lunch.


For the musically inclined students who wish to learn an instrument or hone their talents! 

Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics Club caters for those students who are looking for an additional challenge. 

Social Club

A friendly club for those students wanting to play card games or just to catch up with each other. 

Get Active

For students looking to participate in some regular exercise and friendly competition between peers.  

Bible Group

Led by the College chaplain, this group is for students wishing to learn about God and his Word. 

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