Mountains Christian College is governed by an Association of Christian parents who believe that, under God, parents are responsible for the education of their children both inside and outside the home. Parents and teachers work together in partnership towards the total education of the child.

Mountains Christian College is a member of Christian Education National (CEN), a family of over 50 member associations which together govern some 80+ schools with approximately 23,000 students and 2,000 teaching staff.

Mountains Christian College is owned and operated by an Association of Christian people. The Association is non-denominational and membership is open to any person who is a committed Christian. Members elect a Board of Directors. The Principal and staff are accountable to the Board for the day to day running of the College.

No religious affiliation is required of parents who wish to enrol their children at the College; Mountains Christian College is open to all families who desire an education that is purposeful, rigorous and informed by faith in Christ.

The board and its directors maintain its commitment to govern the College as a Christian school, and seek to honour God in every decision they make. They continue to pursue the vision of the College and seek to foster an environment where students can develop character, compassion, and purpose through authentic gospel-centred, all-of-life learning.

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