Discovering the joy of learning

In Kindergarten, your little explorer is embarking on a whole new range of experiences. We nurture children’s curiosity in a stimulating environment, to ease them into school. Through play and learning, children master skills in literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, communication, personal and spiritual development.

Inspiring our younger children with a love of learning sets them up for a lifetime of discovery and confidence.

What’s a typical day for our Primary students?

K-6 students start their day with an assembly, singing and getting active with “Morning Moves.” Students work in groups on numeracy and literacy; sometimes working with students from other grades according to their individual abilities.

After morning tea on the sunny north-facing verandah, students get involved in their other subjects like science, history and art.

Students enjoy lunch together. They run, play soccer, read in the library, and create masterpieces out of blocks or paper; the choice is theirs. Then it’s back to class for more learning in music, sport or reading.

We take year 5 and 6 students on camps to help them in learning to become independent. The feedback is, overwhelmingly, that they love it!


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